I just don't know what to think.

I like books. I really like bookstores. I like the way the smell and how quiet they are (unless someone comes in with their child who has not been taught book store etiquette - that is a big pet peeve of mine, especially when it after 8pm, shouldn't those kids be in bed?).

I will admit that while I like the idea of little local bookstores, I don't ever go there. No, I go to Borders or Barnes and Noble. I feel like I, being the firm conservative that I am, should support Borders, but I really do like Barnes and Noble more. If I were to be completely honest, I would admit that they are practically clones of each other but something in my heart says Barnes and Noble is better, I guess it is just marketing at work. But in the last few places I have lived, there has been only one of the two, so I haven't really had to make the choice.

Unless you count signing up for an email list for Barnes and Noble and not Borders as making a choice. Then I guess I have. But they send good coupons for coffee (and let me substitute chai!) so you see, I have to love them.

Still, with all my love for B&N, I was still taken aback when I got an email announcing their new line - Barnes and Noble Home!

What? You are a bookstore. You are supposed to sell books! I really don't even like it when you try to sneak cds into your store, unless of course they are books on cds. When I want to buy a candlesticks or a picnic/wine tote, I will not go to Barnes and Noble. And not because nobody buys candlesticks anymore and yours cost $150. No, because B&N is a bookstore and buying anything home-y there is just wrong. I don't even care that their stuff is cute.

Maybe I am just not open to new ideas. Am I the only one who thinks that is weird?


  1. I just got an email from Border's today announcing their home line, though I only saw bookshelves and things in their home store. Coincidence both chains happened to do this at the same time, I don't think so. Plus, Border's also emails me coupons for free coffee.

  2. There goes the little "shop around the corner."

  3. What's conservative about Borders?

    The only real distinction I've been able to tell between the two is that, from what I heard, Barnes & Nobles had much better-organized Harry Potter Book 7 launches. That's knowledge that should come in handy again someday, right?

  4. Rachel - If only it would :-(

    But I was referring more to where their political donations go. B&N supposedly donates 98% (of the money it gives to political causes) to democrats. I don't have any numbers for Borders.

    It is actually really hard to search for information on that topic because if you put either borders or barnes and noble in google, you seem to get a plethora of book titles but not much else.

  5. Just type them into opensecrets.org. It's a nonpartisan watchdog group that compiles that data. You can also check for personal contributors who gave over $200.

    ::Runs off to check on her neighbors/stylist/in-laws.::

  6. I just bought candle sticks! From walmart though, not barnes and noble. I did however see that they were beginning to sell that stuff online, and was a little weirded out. I kind of like that they have music cds though, because sometimes they've got stuff other places dont! There is a place here called 'booksamillion' that apparently is a chain, that is strictly books and magazines. They even sell old library books for around $3!