Radio Black Hole

I haven't always liked "Christian music."( by that I mean whatever you would hear on a Christian radio station, I like hymns.) There were a few artists I did like growing up, like the Newsboys and Michael W. Smith but overall, that wasn't my thing. But since returning to Texas, I have found myself on country overload. I like country music, I do, but I need a break sometimes.

So I found a Christian radio station to listen to in the car. Now that I have been listening for a few weeks and actually know some of the songs, it is quite enjoyable, especially as I starting my day.

But there is a weird anomaly that happens to my radio every morning. (Can something be an anomaly if it happens every day? I say yes.) Right as I get to the stop light to turn into the parking lot area, the Christian radio station signals get mixed up with some other radio station signals and I get this weird mix of praise and worship and rap.

Yesterday, there I was singing along with I was made to love, and by loved by you...blankity blank to your blank blank blank, you'd better back that blankity blank - It was most disconcerting.

It isn't that big a deal because as long as I don't get stuck at the light, it lasts maybe 45 seconds but it still catches me off guard. Maybe I should just splurge on a CD.

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  1. Yeah for Christian radio! I've always been a big fan, even when the signal gets fuzzy near campus.