A Fine Parting Gift

I got a package in my mailbox at work last week. It was very exciting because although I am in charge of all the orders for the lab and receive tons of stuff in the mail, it is technically addressed to my P.I. but this one had my name on it. My first though, "A package, for little ol' me, just what could it be." You think I'm exaggerated, but I was practically giddy.

I opened it up and found these:

Obviously my feet were not included. I stared for quite a few seconds wondering who would send me tube socks but then I noticed "The Belly Dancer" written on the side and I had an epiphany.

In setting up the new lab, I have been ordering lots of new equipment and when it comes, so does a little warranty card that I am supposed to fill out. I vaguely remember one such card containing a little sticker urging you to fill it out and in return they will send a gift. I didn't pay much attention because I was planning on filling them all out anyway and after the clock incident, I wasn't sure if I wanted any more free gifts. But as these socks don't appear to be possessed in any way, I will keep them. But only because they are so stylish.

I am still a bit confused as to the connection between the equipment and footwear though. A belly dancer is a little platform that holds tubes and rocks back and forth (like a belly dancer). It looks like so:

I would have expected the "gift" to be a little more scientific in nature, like a sample test tube or perhaps a special wipe for cleaning the machine. Or at least more belly dancer related. Maybe a magnet with a belly dancer on it, to remind me of the wonderfulness of their product. But socks? Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. They should make good hiking socks.

So here is my advice. If you ever order a belly dancer, be sure to fill out the warranty card so you too can be sent a pair of white, advertising, tube socks. If only you all could be as lucky as I.

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  1. Maybe that's a geeky scientists way of thinking "sexy."