Out of control

As has been previously noted, Craig has a tendency to see similarities between people when they do not really exist. Now I offer up this conversation as proof he has gone too far:

M - (as I pick him up from school) How was your day?

C - Good.

M - Anything interesting happen?

C - We watched a movie in one of my classes. Oh, and one of the guys in it looked just like your dad!

M - Did he really look like my dad, or did he look as much like my dad as Barbara Boxer looks like my mom? Because, despite what you think, my mom doesn't look like Barbara Boxer.

C - He really looked like your dad.

M - Well, what was the movie about?

C - Nazis having a meeting.

M - So you're saying my dad looks like a Nazi.

C - No, I'm saying your dad looks like an actor portraying a Nazi.

M - Because that is so much better?

Later on that evening, he showed me a picture of the Nazi portraying actor and it was none other than Kenneth Branagh. He is definitely not the ugliest Nazi one could be compared too but I still feel like I should be offended.

And for those of you who wonder what my parents look like in Craig's eyes, they look like this:


  1. yeah, your mom is much prettier than her!

  2. I agree that Craig overstates things. I could see how maybe there could be a hypothetical third person--like, there could be a theoretical person that looked like your dad and looked like Kenneth Branagh, if that makes any sense, which it probably doesn't.

    Also, I don't think you should be insulted. It's Kenneth Branagh! In my opinion, he's near the Colin Firth stratosphere of awesomeness.

  3. I'd be much more offended by the Barbara Boxer comparison, even if your mom was her identical twin.

  4. Oh, I was originally upset about the Barbara Boxer comparison, but in the last two years have gotten over it.

    I think Craig gets sucked in too much by externals such as haircut and glasses or uniform. So what he was really saying is, your mom has a similar haircut to Barbara Boxer and she wears glasses too, they are practically the same person!

    And I used to think Kenneth Branagh was awesome until I found out he had left Emma Thompson for Helena Carter and my love for Emma Thompson and non-cheating men cast him out of my heart forever. (And I find it semi-ironic that they were all in Harry Potter, only semi because practically every British actor in the world was in it.)

  5. Of course I look at externals. That's how I determine that people look like other people. I'm not saying MacKenzie's mom is a raging liberal, just that she looks like one. Yeah, it can be taken as a slight to be compared physically to Barbara Boxer, but that's not as bad as being compared intellectually to Barbara Boxer.

    Also, I'll admit that Mac's mom/Boxer isn't the best matchup I've ever made (that would probably be the guy that looks like Dick Cheney).

  6. I should have been more clear, by "externals" I meant things that aren't a part of the person. It is perfectly reasonable to look at a person's bone structure, or physical features, or coloring to determine similarities. But for people to really look alike, it has to be deeper than clothing or haircolor, especially as those are often changed.

    And I have to disagree with you about your "best" - I think it was the guy from our Utah church that looked like that sports guy. I did see that one.

  7. There is a girl in two of my classes who looks like a heavyset version of Marlis - very similar hair (curly and dark brown), similar mouth, similar face shape, similar glasses, and even some similar mannerisms. She sat two people away from me on Thursday, and the guy between us had a very slight resemblance to Eric. It was weird, and I had this strong inclination to share it with you two!