Walk away from the computer, just walk away.

That is what I am imagining Craig telling me right now. And it is sound advice. Because I just got another email from someone in my building announcing that down the hall there is a Great Dane, with a broken leg, and one brown eye and one blue eye and a little white diamond on his forehead. And he needs a home.

Have I ever mentioned that someday I want a Great Dane. And that I miss having a dog. And that I am a sucker for injured animals. No? Oh, well it is true.

Did I ever mention that I live in a small apartment with no yard, not at all suitable for owning any dog, especially one that will end up the size of a pony? Yes, I thought so.

I don't normally even open the plethora of pet adoption emails I receive daily because I don't even want to know what/who is out there, but this had all the good details in the subject so I couldn't even look away. Now I am sad. Even the thought of my advertising tube socks can not cheer me up.

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  1. Reminds me of "Amazing Gracie" the story of the Great Dane that launched Three Dog Bakery in Kansas City.